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 Helping Your Kitty Have a Positive Experience~

The boarding experience is often stressful for cats.  In addition to the steps I take to provide a soothing environment, you can also make this ‘kitty-vacation’ easier on your pet.  Individual appointments are set to give you ample time without interruption to ask questions, complete paperwork, and introduce your cat to its new surroundings.

Helpful Suggestions:

Please share frankly with me your cat’s individual needs, temperament and habits to help me ensure that its comfort level is purr-fect.   =^..^=

A small bed or blanket from home (or even one of the owner’s T-shirts) can provide a soothing familiarity for your pet.  There is also room for a favorite toy, but please be mindful of the limited floor space within the condo.  If you are able to preview the kennel before your planned arrival you will have a better idea of what can be accommodated.

To minimize digestive upset or potential food allergy issues, I recommend you bring a supply of your cat’s regular diet.  If you prefer, I will provide your choice of a mixed Iams formula or Science Diet dry kibble food, included with your compensation rates.  I am also happy to serve your cat any dry, canned or moist kibble food and treats that you provide.  A storage cube is reserved for any food or other items you bring for your pet’s use.

I strive to maintain a strictly No-Flea environment.  However, I board cats which may be indoor/outdoor in their home environment.  While the Playroom is treated regularly with a Flea-control spray,  please make sure your pet is current with the flea control of your choice before arrival.  If your cat is already on a monthly flea protection regimen and needs a dose during its stay with me, or if your pet is not yet protected,  I have Frontline Plus available for application. (see Rates)

Your Arrival:  Transporting your cat in a carrier is preferred.  Your cat’s condo will be ready to occupy.  After adding any ‘extras’ you may have brought, you will be asked to introduce your cat to its new temporary quarters.   Your cat trusts you and this approach will help kitty more readily accept the new situation.

While You Are Away:  Feel free to text me to check on your kitty 253-548-7343.  If I have any concerns about your cat, I will contact you or your designated contact.

Your Pick Up:  Often your pet will be in the Playroom awaiting your arrival.  Kitty will be happy to see you– so feel free to take a few minutes to reunite!   Just as when leaving a hotel, take a look around to make sure you have gathered all your pet’s belongings: bed, blanket, extra food, toys–whatever you brought.