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The Cat’s Meow NW is simply kitty-heaven for cats to stay if they need a
home away from home. Sue took such great care of all four of my
cats-Toby, Louie, Misha and Kai. A couple of my cats are ‘difficult
kitties’ but they all love her and demand her attention. She deeply
cares for all the cats under her care; Sue knows all of them by name,
their unique personalities and spends one on one time with each and
every one of them. I am a veterinarian and I would recommend her to any
of my clients. I am so thankful I found The Cat’s Meow.

Lenora J. Shaman, DVM 2014
The Ohio State University
College of Veterinary Medicine

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The Cats Meow NW - Design by

“The Cat’s Meow NW is awesome!  I took my cat, Lucy, there for the first time in July.  She had a great time.  One week later I had a sudden family emergency requiring me to leave again.  Sue took Lucy right back.  It gave me such peace to know that Lucy was being loved while I was gone.”

Theresa Hallam
Auburn, WA

“Just writing a review of my experience at Sue Braaten’s lovely kitty boarding facility. Ellie Mae, my Ragdoll baby, has visited here twice and came home VERY happy after both stays.  This was usually not the case after using a previous cat boarding facility. The Cat’s Meow NW is a calm and loving environment, exactly what my cat needs when she is away from family. Sue treats the kitties like her own personal pets!  It was exciting to see (and take home) pictures of her stay!  I will definitely bring her back on my next vacation!!   Thank you so much!”

Alexis Seifert
Auburn, WA

The Cats Meow NW - Design by

“The Cat’s Meow NW offers a relaxing atmosphere for your cats. Wonderful interaction between Sue and her kitties that are boarded. We would highly recommend her services; whether for a day, a week or a month. Our cats are Sam and Annie.”

Denise and Bobby Detwiler
Renton, WA
“We have been very pleased with your care of Milo  and with your great cat condos!  There is so much to keep their interest and the “Playroom” is so cool!
Thank you for taking such good care of Milo.”

Cindy Summerfield
Federal Way, WA

The Cats Meow NW - Design by
The Cats Meow NW - Design by

“The Cat’s Meow NW was great for our (3) cats!—Rainjer, Skyy and Cuervo. The place was very clean, cute and cozy.
The location was close to our house, which was nice.
Sue was very nice and caring of our pets, which was appreciated while we were away.”

 The Cairns Family– Marc, Lisa, Shawn and Ian 
 Auburn, WA

Dear Sue,
“Your personal service gives our family great comfort when we have to separate for a few days.  Kira lives in luxury and the kids are worry-free!  We would use your service again and recommend you to our friends.”

Monika Warner
Lake Tapps, WA

The Cats Meow NW - Design by

Dear Sue,

“Thanks for taking such good care of Sophie.  She came home in really good shape!  Thanks for the pictures!”

Becky Friddell
Kent, WA

The Cats Meow NW - Design by

A  Testimony  To  The Cat’s Meow NW

“We LOVE the Cat’s Meow NW in Auburn, Washington, where we have boarded our cat, Romeo, several times. We are always amazed at the attention to detail, the cleanliness of the facility and professional loving services of Sue Braaten. When we pick up Romeo, he is bright eyed, clean and happy. He often does not want to leave the Kitty Playroom!”

“My wife and I love to travel, which requires boarding Romeo. Because of the care he receives at The Cat’s Meow NW, we gladly drive the 98 mile round-trip from Mill Creek to Auburn through heavy Seattle traffic. Why do we do this?–because we have peace of mind when boarding Romeo with Sue Braaten. We love our cat and have had horrible previous experiences boarding Romeo before finding Sue.  The joy that Romeo brings to us daily makes the distance to The Cat’s Meow NW a minor inconvenience, and we can relax and enjoy our travels knowing that Romeo is Happy and being Loved while we are away.

“Thank You Sue Braaten, for your wonderful boarding Services. You are Unique and one of a kind, and we love all that you do for Romeo and for us. Thank You – Thank You!

Duane and Janice Wright – Mill Creek, WA (206) 930-9998
Founder Of The Jazz Unlimited Band

Mango & Gogi

Having Sue is like having extended family. She’s more than the “Cat Lady” as my kids call her. She treats my kids like grandkids, and my cats as if they were her own.

I am the proud owner of two savannah cats, both roughly 25% African serval. Finding a place to board them was a nightmare for us. If the place was willing to host hybrids, then they didn’t have a space I was comfortable with for my two 15 pound cats. My babies were even banned from a place or two, as many don’t understand the differences in a hybrid exotic and a standard housecat and misunderstand their personalities.

Then I found ‘The Cat’s Meow NW’. With large kennels, each offering either a fish tank or courtyard (stocked with windspinners galore) view, and a kitty dayroom for free play, we knew we had to give Sue a shot. She was more than willing to give our cat Mango a chance, despite Mango’s initial display and vocalizations. Our first visit with Sue was for a two week extended vacation. Over that time Sue sent us regular photo updates via Email. That meant so much to us, as we knew our cat had a history with kennels. When we arrived home we found that, through patience and a true love of all cats, Sue had bonded with Mango.

Later, when we were considering adding a second savannah to our family, I felt comfortable calling Sue to discuss how she thought our Mango would do with another cat. Sue knew Mango in a way we did not, she knew her with other cats. She knew Mango well enough to share her concerns, expectations, and tips on what personality traits in a kitten she thought would mix well with Mango’s personality. What other boarder does that?!

In the times we’ve used Sue since that first time, my cats have come to know her as family. Now when we arrive there are no vocalizations and no shows of aggression. In fact, last time we arrived my quarter serval cat nuzzled her leg and willingly hopped right into her favorite condo- which Sue always reserves for us when she knows we’re coming. (That’s another thing, what boarder knows your cat’s favorite spot, or bothers to make an effort to maintain condo consistency for you as a courtesy?)

Sue has always gone out of her way to help us. From returning toys left by my children at her home, to going above and beyond to fit our travel schedule, often staying open late and even delivering our cat to us on one occasion. Sue just treats you like family.

The Cat’s Meow NW is great for so, so many reasons. Our family drives 45 minutes out of our way-each way- anytime we’re going anywhere. We wouldn’t dream of leaving our cats with anyone BUT her, often forgoing free pet sitting offers in order to use her services. She just offers something no one else can. I can’t recommend Sue and ‘The Cat’s Meow NW’ highly enough.