Cats Meow NW 2023 Rates

Length of stay

1-29 days

30+ days

Length of stay includes both day of arrival and day of pick-up.
1 Cat
2 Cats
3 Cats
4 Cats

Other Services

Medication Application per Dose

Oral Med added to food or dermal application:$1.50
Medication administered orally:$3
Medication by injection:$3

We offer our 55+ clients a 5 % Senior Discount.

Payment by CASH or CHECK ONLY is due at the time of drop off.  I do NOT accept credit/debit cards or payments by online transfers.

Arrival and departure times must be scheduled to ensure only 1 client at a time in the kennel. Hours of operation are: Mon thru Sat 9am to 5pm.  We are CLOSED SUNDAYS.

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