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About Us

Beyond their physical needs our kitty companions benefit from a daily mix of physical exercise, mental stimulation and human interaction, balanced with private quiet time.  Our kennel has been designed with all of these various needs in mind.  I try to imagine the boarding situation from a feline point of view and take proactive steps to put my guest cats at ease.  Large condos with multi-level padded perches and solid privacy dividers, soft music, and pheromone spray provide guests a ‘room with a view’ in a calm, soothing environment.  Open mesh condo fronts afford them the opportunity to watch what is going on in the kennel.

The roomy cat-friendly Playroom is full of things for your pet to explore:  a climbing tree,  an assortment of scratching pads, toys, snugly beds, and lots of loving attention–all are included  in our complete service.  It really is The Cat’s Meow!  While recommended for both physical and mental exercise, access to the Playroom is optional.  Your cat may feel more comfortable and secure remaining in its condo.  Or, at your request, your pet may remain kenneled at all times and still receive lots of individual attention and affection.  Each of our condos is large enough for me to walk into to provide care.  Please note:  For the safety of all pets, your cat will not be in the Playroom with other boarders, but will be offered individual access.

The safety and contentment of your cat during its stay at The Cat’s Meow NW are my primary goals.   For the protection of all cats, I require that you provide me with a copy of your pet’s current immunization, neuter/spray status and contact information for your vet of record.  You or your vet’s office can Email Me Here.   As a precautionary policy, you will be asked to sign the Boarding Request which authorizes me to take your pet  for prompt veterinary care if  signs of illness or injury develop while your kitty is in my care.  Please note:   The Cat’s Meow NW is not responsible for veterinary bills for your pet.

Thank you for considering The Cat’s Meow NW for your cat-boarding needs!  If you have further questions, or would like to arrange a visit or book a boarding date, please contact me by phone or e-mail.  I look forward to meeting you and your cat(s)!

Sue Braaten, Owner & Cat Pamperer

Hours Of Operation:  By appointment only–Mon thru Sat 9:00am to 5:00pm (extended hours for appointments by special request)

Contact Us!   (253) 887-1011